Anti-Corrosion Protection With Zinc Coating

Metal zinc coating is widely used as an external and internal protection of line pipes for transporting water. Furthermore, it found application in lightweight structures for construction, electricity, agriculture, traffic, etc.

When exposed to air, zinc makes carbonate, which stops further corrosion. It is applied by immersion of steel pipes in melted zinc with 99,95% purity. Preparation of the surface of the pipe is performed by fat removal in industrial detergents, decaping in dilute sulfuric acid and fluxing within zinc and ammonium chloride. Then the pipes are immersed in the bath with molten zinc at cca. 445˚C, which remained some time to obtain desired thickness of the zinc coating.

Outside diameter of pipe (D) from Ø 21,3 mm to Ø 88,9 mm

Thread size (R) of 1 / 2 “to 3″.

Production of steel pipe according to EN 10255

Material: S195T

Hot galvanizing by immersion according to EN 10240, quality of:

Inner coating A1, A2, minimum thickness 55/55 μm, average 70 μm,

External coating B1, B2, minimum thickness 55.40 μm, average 70 μm

Area H and M (Table 1)

Type L; L1; L2 (Table 2, 3, 4)

With plain ends,

With cone threads of tube ends: EN10226-1

Protective plastic cap threaded on one end.

Joint element according to EN10241 with cylindrical thread according to ISO 7-1 on the other end

Length: 6m.

Attest: EN 10204 2.2

All galvanized pipes are marked by inkjet printer with blue color, trademark and CE mark, are packed in hexagonal bundles and additional marked by attached metal label.