FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. Kumanovo is a big company with a relatively small domestic market, but exporting oriented. Because of that the company follows the requirements of national markets in the region and Western Europe. Occasionally, it is also present on other markets in the world. This circumstance was a precondition for the permanent extension of the product range and quality improvement of the products by adopting higher criteria for production and delivery according to the strictest requirements of the worlds leading standards.

The company has a very wide product range in the field of welded steel pipes and hollow sections that are used in many segments of the economy, as elements of pipelines and steel structures in construction, industry, transport, mining, agriculture and other industries.

FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. offers a wide assortment of electric welded steel pipes with a circular cross section – external diameter of 8mm to 1620mm as:

FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. also offers electric welded steel pipes with square and rectangular cross-section from the 10x10mm to 400x400mm, or 30x10mm 500x300mm:
  • Cold Formed 
  • Hot Reshaped

The factory produces several types of other products:

FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. pays great attention to anti corrosive protection from internal and external side for line pipes, installed in various areas, according to their purpose: