Hot Reshaping of Circular into Rectangular Hollow Sections

Hot preformed hollow sections with square and rectangular cross-sections, manufactured from cold formed and high frequency electric resistance welding (HFW) steel pipes with a circular cross section with medium size, take a significant place in our production program.

Unlike cold formed hollow sections in which is always present three axial internal voltage due to strengthening in the process of cold forming, hot preformed hollow sections are characterized by homogeneous normalized structure and high mechanical properties.

Maximal use of the mechanical characteristics of materials from quality non-alloyed and fine grained non-alloyed and micro-alloyed steel, or the application of calculations in structures that are based on their ultimate strength, contribute in increased demand for these products with higher quality and expanding range.  This trend is particularly noticeable in European market, where each of the member’s states through their national standards imposes technical requirements and range, with which constructors has received a wider range.

Hot performed hollow sections have very broad application in the most responsible structures exposed on high dynamic loads and low temperatures in construction as steel structures for high buildings, roof structures, bridges, halls, sports objects, shipbuilding, machine building, transportation…