FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. Kumanovo today represents a giant not only within Republic of North Macedonia and the Balkans region, but more broadly, as a recognizable name for production of electric welded pipes and sections with high quality.

The factory is a joint-stock company with dominant private owned capital and has around thousand employees, many of which are shareholders. It has a number of production facilities for welded pipes and sections from nearly all types and sizes, as well as their proper anti-corrosion protection, which ranks the factory as one of the major manufacturers of these products in South East Europe. Because of that the factory is a reliable partner with long tradition.

Production of small and medium diameter of longitudinal electric welded steel pipes and hollow sections, with a high-frequency welding (HFW) procedure is the most common technological process in the factory. However, also for the longitudinal welded steel pipes with a large diameter is used submerged arc welding (SAW). In addition of that, in part of the installed capacity in the factory are produced open and closed profiles with a standard and special cross section, joining elements, steel strip, etc.

Within the production plants, there are advanced anti-corrosion protection of internal and external side of the steel pipes with epoxy, polyethylene, cement, bitumen, zinc and various other temporary and special coatings.

FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. Kumanovo performs engineering services and installation of line pipes and steel constructions.

In the last period of continuous production and participation in all major pipelines for water, gas and oil, the company gained an extensive experience and high reputation by adopting the strictest quality criteria in relevant EN, ISO and leading national standards (API, ASTM, DIN, BS, NF, UNI, GOST, etc.). Many of the wide products rang of FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. are exported in the neighboring Balkan countries, but also in Western Europe.

Guarantee for success in work is having an integrated system for quality management, environment, health and safety at work ISO 9001/2009, ISO 14001/2004 and BS OHSAS 18001/2007, and certificates of quality of the products: API5L/44, TÜV; PED93/23/EC; CPD89/106/EC and others.